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Monday, February 21, 2011


statistics are basically a bunch of numbers people and animals use to decipher characteristics, traits or other analysis' that describe mannerisms.

Not quite sure what that was all about.

Anyways, 1 in 20 people who come to this site are using Macintosh computers. What's up with that? Are Apple users a minority...or does this say that the 18 out of 20 people remaining after the other oddballs are smarter or dumber??


How come I have no third world viewers? Where are you third worlders? This is 2011 get with the program and start using this thing known as internets.

1 comment:

  1. I'm actually on a Mac right now, I use both and like both, guess I'm the rare minority


Technologically inclined individuals of the new millenium

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Old habits do truly die hard. This up and coming digital mastermind refuses to move on as technology does. Some call her a neophyte with a cause but she refuses to acknowledge even that, simply claiming to be a purist. Here she is uploading some pictures to her website before she sends her grandchildren an email update on her kidney dialysis treatments.