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Monday, February 21, 2011

the matador

so..lets talk about the matador.

first off, let me get the ball rolling by introducing our concurrent, brohavioural specimen. The matador is an ancient icon..most often a psychopath who doesn't have all the sandwiches in the picnic basket. This adventurous character may infact be a badass in general, but amongst this profile is the vehicular transport. This transportation mechanical device justifies that indeed the matador is a righteous dude who may possibly be carrying a sidearm or on steroids.

the average matador uses a mechanical device similar to this when going from point a to point b.
2. Although the matador may conduct primitive acts at times, the crowd seems to be dominated by women? What is going on? I thought most women were into animal rights.Wait..maybe these are tomboys or just really masculine badass types.

The front row seems to be mostly men. Judges or perhaps the matadors boyfriends.

3. Even though I tease and joke about the must be said that what they accomplish is pretty badass.

4. Don't show a drunken matador this...or any matador for that matter.


  1. lol I tried to do that once with a keyboard, didn't work out as pictured

  2. That sound bit on your blog is starting to get me down. Following anyway!


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