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Monday, July 18, 2011

not floating in the toilet #3

to remedy the death of my airbed I have been listening to a band that in the past I have revisited quite often. The loss of my inflatable friend who I spent a vast majority of time with was immediately made irrelevant by the needed consoling I recieved via revisiting their catalogue. The musical medicine was helpful and they definitely filled me with a new sense of inspiration..

Belle & Sebastian are a great band and I found a pretty strange music video attached to this first song, I honestly think it is kind of wrong to put in this because it is a floating in the toilet video..pretty stupid..irritatingly pointless and slightly funny.

Anyways, the angry birthday party kid at the cake candle blowout event at 2:06 is priceless.

"We are the Sleepyheads"

Weird Version:

Live Version:

"Get me away from here I'm Dying"

"Seeing other People"

"Roy Walker"

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Technologically inclined individuals of the new millenium

A scholarly tech wiz using the internet with tactful skill and a precision that was previously unwitnessed is captured here in this industry file photo. The woman seen here is a jack off all trades/innovator and will soon be opening a computer training school to help teach children the way that a computer is properly used in the 21st century.
Old habits do truly die hard. This up and coming digital mastermind refuses to move on as technology does. Some call her a neophyte with a cause but she refuses to acknowledge even that, simply claiming to be a purist. Here she is uploading some pictures to her website before she sends her grandchildren an email update on her kidney dialysis treatments.