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Friday, June 3, 2011

thank you wikipedia

so i thought to myself on this modestly cool summer evening, as I reminisced about the anger I felt as the heat overtook me..humidex ratings through the roof...I mean how confusing does it have to be? Humidex? Wind chills? What the hell are these temperature add ons?

It was 24 degrees out..but with humidex it was 40. Thanks weather network....


I wanted to make a ironically humourous commentary on the hilarity that surrounds the toilet and various other apparatus associated with emptying of bowels, waste, feces, I decided I would do it.

Sadly..I cannot. I can guarantee it has been done before and I was severely dismayed upon brief research and its revelation that Thomas Crapper (the supposed inventor of the toilet) had NEVER invented it..

He just "publicized it and popularized it".

I was kinda confused. So I continued researching.

It turns out, good old Thomas Crapper, alleged creator of the porcelain throne, was indeed, the inventor..of...the Ballcock.

So I just wanted to thank Thomas Crapper today. Thanks for the ballcock...

The "Ballcock" you created helps my toilet flush. I thank you sir.

What is it??

Oh ok..this commentary already wasn't funny to plumbers, so I'll just explain very briefly with a picture:
Shoutouts to the "tank flapper".."it ain't an easy job bruv"

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